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    Jungle Boat Ride VR

    D.A.S.H and the Lost Crystals!

    Run Time: 3 minutes
    Full User Experience time: 5 minutes

    Thank goodness you’re here! Our precious crystals have been stolen and we need your help to return them! Climb on board our boat with D.A.S.H, hold on tight and keep your eyes peeled for our gemstones! Prepare yourself, you’ll come face to face and under fire from all manner of jungle creatures and beasts; the fate of the Jungle depends on you - good luck explorers and mind out for those monkeys!

    Seating up to 8 people, this virtual reality experience offers a perfect family attraction all year round! Housed in an explorers jungle boat house*, once aboard, you’ll be seamlessly transported into the virtual boat house using our HD VR headsets. Your intrepid journey will soon begin, along with the incredible range of motions our boat has to offer; two front fans and surround sound for a fully immersive 4D experience. Tilting forwards, backwards and side to side, the boat’s movements have been specially designed to mirror those of the full 360 degree experience, creating a truly spectacular journey for all the family!


    Artificial jungle plants

    Authentic lighting

    Wooden oars

    Wooden storage crates

    Dash jungle soft toy (merchandisable extra)

    Treasure maps

    Entrance carpet

    Rustic queue posts

    Operators control box, virtual reality headsets, stand and wireless charging station

    TV, surround sound and wind effect fans

    Large signage

    • Metal chassis, seats & movement mechanisms
    • Boat themed fibreglass panels for front and sides
    • 2 x sets of side steps (one for each side)
    • 8 x HD VR sets with kiosk made for easy set up
    • 1 x Jungle Boat Ride Adventure VR 3 minute video
    • 1 x Free standing headset charging unit
    • 1 x 32" TV with stand (for use with pre-ride safety check video)
    • 1 x Control unit for electronics and sound proof area for compressor
    • 1 x Low noise compressor
    • 1 x 55” HD LED TV with stand
    • 1 x SONY surround sound speaker set with sub-woofer
    • 2 x Front fans for 4D effect
    • 1 x Starter pack antibacterial/sterilising wipes (for headsets)

    PRE RIDE CHECK VIDEO: Our 1.30 min safety video is the ideal opportunity to build queuing customer's excitement prior to the ride and provides information about what to expect from the ride, along with safety and medical information. In addition, this pre ride preparation helps to speed up turnaround times between rides. Your own company branding can be incorporated (pending supply of suitable files) and an additional face covering version is also available. Included is a 32" tv with stand to broadcast the pre ride check video.

    LOG EFFECT OPEN FRONTED CABIN: For a truly authentic experience, locate your ride in our 5m x 3.4m lodge which is open fronted (3 sides enclosed) with a flat roof, supplied unstained (10 ltrs of oak colour oil stain provided) and is delivered flat ready for construction on site.

    THEMED CABIN DRESSINGS: Help your cabin come to life with our props package that includes artificial jungle plants, authentic lighting, wooden oars, wooden display crates, nets, maps, LED string lights, smoke machine, scent machine with rain forest scent, entrance carpet and rustic queue posts.

    ADDITIONAL HEADSETS:  A second set of 8 headsets can be purchased with the wireless charger unit.

    REPLACEMENT HEADSETS: Additional headsets can be purchased as replacements or simply to have a few extra in stock.

    ADDITIONAL CONTENT: Customers who already have one of our virtual reality rides can interchange between rides by purchasing additional content.

    FIBREGLASS THEMED SIDES: Transform your ride from one to another, by purchasing our interchangeable fibreglass themed sides that fix to the side of the ride.

    BESPOKE INTRO & END TO THE CONTENT: Localised versions are available for international customers.

    MERCHANDISE - DASH TOY: Dash Jungle soft toy 280mm tall.

    With the recent COVID-19 concerns, we have taken extra safety measures to ensure the safety for your personnel and customers:

    LEATHER HEADSET INSERTS: new leather headset inserts are available, which are both easy to sterilise and are suitable for use over face coverings, please enquire if you are interested in these as an alternative.

    STANDARD HEADSETS: these can be sterilised and also used over face coverings.

    ADDITIONAL HEADSETS:  A second set of 8 headsets can be purchased with the wireless charger unit. This allows 1 set to be fully sterilised during the ride thus speeding up the turnaround times.

    RIDE HYGIENE: The ride has been designed so that surfaces such as metal handrail, metal seating and leather headsets that are touched frequently can be fully disinfected in a few seconds, in between rides and our the package includes starter set of sterilising wipes

    SOCIAL DISTANCING FLOOR GRAPHICS:  Spaced at the appropriate distance (1 or 2 metres pending government advice) the floor mats are designed to provide an additional fun element for young children adding to the sense of anticipation and excitement. Your own company branding can be incorporated (pending supply of suitable files)

    PRE RIDE CHECK VIDEO:  A version of our pre ride check video showing how the ride can be enjoyed with a face covering, prepares your customers for the ride  face covering version is also available. See the Optional Extras above for more information.

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